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We try to provide you with all the information you need on our website. We communicate on our approach of the product, on the description of our apartments, on the services we provide and on all the elements that might interest you.


Q: How to book your apartment at our establishment Privilodges Le Château in Grenoble?
A: You can ask for a booking directly on our website by filling the “Ask for information” page, or you can reach us thanks to the “Contact” page of our website.


Q: What are the different types of apartments available?
A: Different types of apartments (individual or shared) are available depending on what you need. The apartment building Privilodges Le Château offers you some rooms in a shared flat, some studios and some 2 to 4-roomed apartments. You can learn more about our different types of apartments on the “The Apartment Building LE CHÂTEAU” web page.


Q: What type of services does the apartment building Privilodges Le Château Grenoble offers?
A: A multilingual reception desk, free unlimited internet access, a laundromat, a bike storage room.

Q: I have to download my courses from my faculty’s website. Can I do it from my apartment?
A: Of course, you can work from home. The apartment building has an optimum internet access, and we made everything in our power to ensure that it would be free and of great quality.


Q: How can I go to work or to the university from the apartment building?
A: The apartment building is ideally located at the crossroad of 3 tram lines and 2 bus lines.

Q: I have a fully-equipped kitchen in my apartment. Where can I do some grocery shopping?
A: Since you are located right in the city center, 2 minutes away from the Championnet district, you will have plenty of shops and stores close by at your disposal.