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2 to 4-roomed furnished flat

Le Château

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2 to 4-roomed furnished flat

Le château

Wow! That’s usually what we hear during the visits…the “château” is a beautiful and historical place to live, where it is nice and “cool” to stay thanks to its guests which come from all over the world and which share the same values. Our staff is here to make your life easier by being professional but also close to you. The accommodations and all the equipment are designed with great care, to ensure that they are comfortable and easy to use and maintain. Finally, the neighborhood is also very welcoming, and close by everything.

Our 2 to 4-roomed furnished flats are all equipped with high-quality, comfortable and easy-to-use furniture which is adapted to the spaces of each accommodation. We take a great care in making sure that the apartment building is clean and secured, and that the bedding and kitchen/bathroom equipment is top-quality.

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